• Michael P. VottoPresident/CEO
    Michael Votto is the chief executive officer of Votto Vines. Mike is responsible for securing and negotiating contracts with producers, distributors and third party companies both in the US and Italy as well as overseeing the company’s strategic initiatives. He has spent time living and studying in Florence, Italy and has a degree in European History from Union College and a Juris Doctor from Syracuse University. Mike spent six years as a commercial real estate and corporate attorney in New York City and Boston at two American Lawyer Top 100 law firms focusing on the representation of private equity funds and real estate development and management companies primarily in connection with hospitality industry transactions. He has also completed Wine Studies Level II coursework at the Boston University Elizabeth Bishop Wine Resource Center and is a published author in the fields of commercial real estate finance and Italian citizenship and genealogy. Mike is a dual citizen of the United States and the Italian Republic. Mike was named to Connecticut Magazine's 40 under 40 future business leaders in 2013.
  • Peter J. VottoSenior Vice President/COO
    Peter Votto is chief operating officer of Votto Vines and responsible for international and domestic logistics. He also manages the day-to-day operations of the business. Peter earned a mechanical engineering degree from Trinity College. Peter’s engineering background provides the necessary foundation for expertise in the technical arena of winemaking and production. Peter has lectured extensively on Italian wines at private events and functions and is highly knowledgeable regarding the laws, rules and regulations surrounding international and domestic shipping and distribution of wine. His keen sense of marketing and creative inspiration has also led to entrepreneurial developments for the company. He is a dual citizen of the United States and the Italian Republic.
  • Leah VottoDirector of PR & Senior Sales Rep
    Director of Public Relations & Senior Sales Representative (Fairfield County)
  • Nicholas J. VottoSenior Vice President
    Nicholas Votto is senior vice president of marketing and agritourism. He leads company educational efforts and works closely with Jeremy Jerome in developing relationships with Votto Vines distribution partners throughout the United States. He works closely with Votto Vines partners in both the United States and abroad and serves as the company’s primary tour guide […]
  • Stephen F. VottoSenior Vice President/CFO
    Stephen Votto is chief financial officer and manager of investor relations. Steve works closely with Michael Votto on all financing and accounting related issues and works closely with Peter, Nicholas and Jeremy on logostics, sales analytics and strategic development. Steve earned an economics degree from Union College. Stephen’s background includes working at one of the […]
  • Jeremy N. JeromeSenior Vice President
    Jeremy Jerome is senior vice president of distribution and sales. Jeremy works closely with Michael Votto in terms of contract negotiation with suppliers, distributors and retail establishments as well as Nicholas Votto with respect to national brand promotion. He has a business management degree from Plymouth State University. Jeremy’s professional career includes ten plus years’ experience in sales, sales management, advertising, new product promotion and small business ownership. His experience and skills are utilized in business development decision making and overall company direction. Jeremy is the only non-blood relative of the founding partners. He is married to Michael and Nicholas’s sister and is proud to be part of the family business.